Somebody that I used to know.

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Warning: this blog will give you a laugh-attack.

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One died for power,

The other sought dead love,

And the last greeted death as an old friend.

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Warning: this blog will give you a laugh-attack.

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#he was perfect and anyone who disagrees can leave

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"According to you, I’m stupid, I’m useless,I can’t do anything right. According to you I’m difficult, hard to please, forever changing my mind. I’m a mess in a dress, according to you…According to you I’m boring, I’m moody, you can’t take me any place. According to you I suck at telling jokes cause I always give it away. I’m the girl with the worst attention span; you’re the boy who puts up with that. According to you……According to you. According to me, you’re stupid, you’re useless, you can’t do anything right."



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I may regret how we ended. But, I don’t regret what we had. I Miss You!

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Your just somebody that I used to know. Since u been gone, I can breathe for the first time I’m so movin’ on. I’m better off without you anyway, I thought it would be hard but I’m okay. Even though I really love you, I’m gonna smile ‘cause I deserve too.Thanks to you I’ve got a new thing started,Thanks to you I’m not the broken hearted.Thanks to you I’m finally thinking about me. You know in the end, The day you left was just my beginning. I’m not giving you an hour or a second or another minute Longer, I’m busy getting stronger. Haven’t you heard that I’m gonna be okay!